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Access 2.3 billion consumers with a single integration

PayU Hub provides a complete solution to accept online payments in growth markets

Be an international seller!

The PayU Hub is the solution for global borderless online payments. The product will  continue to evolve to offer merchants added features to maximise their online revenues throughout key high growth markets around the world.

With a single API integration to the Hub, merchants are able to start processing local payments in 18 markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America.

What does offer local payment processing?

We offer local payment processing in each of our markets by having hyper-local and direct connections to the acquiring banks and alternative payment methods. Local processing provides multiple benefits for you and your customers.

Expert in local markets

Learn more about the markets where PayU operates. Gain insights on consumer preferences, payment method share and other local knowledge to increase your business.

How the PayU Hub can help your business

Reap the benefits with the PayU Hub

Contact us to learn how PayU can help you grow your business in many of our exciting high growth geographies